Trauma-Informed Practice:

An essential guide for coaches and counsellors

This FREE Ebook has been created for health practitioners, coaches, counsellors and therapists who would like to know more about trauma and to ensure they have a trauma-informed approach.

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Who is the writer?

Hello, I’m Lou Lebentz, Founder of The Voyage ® and a psychotherapist, trauma expert, EMDR clinician, speaker and campaigner. I have worked in the mental health field professionally for well over two decades, I’ve been a trauma survivor for considerably longer, so understand both sides.

My current focus is to help other practitioners in the field learn how to work safely, effectively, and compassionately with all aspects of trauma. 

So, if you’d like to know more about the three vital stages of healing trauma and work with people in a more trauma-informed way, then please download this Ebook. 
I hope you find it helpful and please do let me know your thoughts. Lou x

Contents of the eBook


Understanding Trauma

Delve into the profound impact of trauma and its diverse presentations within individuals and communities. Gain essential knowledge to recognise trauma and its effects.

Trauma-Informed Principles

Learn crucial principles that will revolutionise your coaching and counselling approach. Develop the skills to help clients navigate the journey towards healing and transformation.

Insights from The Voyage® programme

 Be the first to get a taste of what The Voyage® programme has to offer. The Voyage® is an acclaimed CPD-accredited initiative developed by Lou Lebentz.

Empowering Self-Care

 Acquire tools and techniques to not only support your clients' self-regulation and self-soothing but also nurture your own well-being and professional growth.