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Help your clients not only survive trauma but THRIVE because of it. 

Are you ready to embark on a transformative journey that will revolutionise your practice and bring profound healing to your clients? Welcome to The Voyage® – a groundbreaking, holistic training programme designed to equip you with the knowledge, tools, and expertise to navigate the complex world of trauma and chronic stress.


Uncover the power of trauma-informed practice

The impact of trauma is far wider spread than most of us realise and the scope of what trauma is and how it manifests is often misunderstood. Without a doubt, there is a high proportion of people living with untreated and undiagnosed trauma.

Join The Voyage® training programme to become a qualified trauma-informed practitioner.

What is The Voyage® Programme?

The Voyage® programme  is a foundational training specifically designed for coaches, counsellors and healthcare practitioners to learn The Voyage® modality and how to work in a trauma-informed way. The Voyage® provides a complete framework along with a methodology and philosophy, of all the theory and practical knowledge needed to work with trauma.

The Voyage® has been developed by Lou Lebentz, drawing on her own lived experience and over 25 years of working in the mental health arena. Lou has developed a deep knowledge and understanding of what lies beneath many of the current challenges impacting so many lives today.

Other approaches, such as talk therapy, often stop being effective at certain points in the healing journey but The Voyage® works in a way that offers an all-encompassing method delivering sustainable and lasting impacts on recovery.

If you are a coach or counsellor and feel you don’t know enough about trauma, are unsure about how to work in an integrated way with the somatic system and perhaps feel stuck and a little alone in your own journey and practice, I invite you to join The Voyage® foundational training  to begin your own voyage of making a significant difference in the lives of others - and in your own.




Victoria Matthews-Patel

Trauma Aware Coach

"I learned so much from Lou who is a really passionate course presenter. She has so much knowledge and experience that she shares so kindly with everyone on the course. So I really recommend this training for anybody working one to one with people. It's fantastic."

The Programme Outline 

The Voyage® works as a metaphorical map and sea journey giving people the skills, tools and techniques to use with themselves and others on their trauma healing journey.

Trauma needs a holistic approach. Without encompassing the Mind, Body and Soul elements there is little chance of long-lasting recovery.  When working with trauma it is also essential to use a phased approach to ensure the risk of re-traumatisation is limited, and that the comprehensive and detailed material is fully absorbed, integrated and embodied. 

This is where The Voyage® stands out from other trauma training and modalites: By embodying a holistic approach along with a framework that outlines the necessary stages in which to work with.

PHASE 1: Information - Expand The Mind

(Land in the Sand) 

Even if you have a general idea of what trauma is, most training doesn’t help you understand the different theories, biological impacts, symptoms or differing healing models. The Voyage starts with a module based around  Information and The Mind because awareness is the foundation of everything. It is vital to see things through a trauma lens and truly understand it for both the practitioner and the client.

By the end of this first phase you'll be confident that you have enough information to psycho-educate clients about trauma. With the knowledge of how to self-soothe and build resources that will bring about more self-awareness, understanding, regulation and resilience. This learning will bring you far more clarity as well as help inform your clients, taking your practice to the next level in terms of grounding, psychoeducation, trauma-informed care and ultimately, safety.

PHASE 2: Integration - Befriend The Body

(Swim in the Sea) 

As a coach, counsellor or health practitioner working with trauma, you may find it challenging to know how to work with some of the presentations you see. You have two options: refer them on to someone else or potentially cause re-traumatisation. So in this module, you will learn how to bring the mind into the body, (body-mind) and develop practices to Integrate wisdom and knowledge into the somatic system.

By the end of this second module you'll know all about Integration and how to work with the body and the somatic system. With the skills to increase self-care, containment, trust, compassion and forgiveness. These resources will bring about more empowerment for you and your clients, as you move through dissociation and into embodiment.

PHASE 3: Inspiration - Touch The Soul

(Soar in the Sky) 

The third module is about addressing the journey of being a coach or counsellor working with trauma and mental health, and how it can feel lonely and emotionally challenging at times. Working without support, connection to other coaches/counsellors, or sometimes adequate supervision can feel extremely solitary.  We also need others on our side and cheerleading us forward, sharing aspirations with a group helps to stay motivated and grow in confidence.  Whereas working in solitude with a heavy caseload can lead to isolation, low mood and burn-out. That’s why this part of The Voyage® gives you access to the Inspiration and connection you will need to keep those home fires burning.

By the end of this module you will feel inspired, brimming with ideas and connected to yourself at a much deeper level. With all the additional insights, your clarity will have grown as well as your courage, allowing you to believe more in yourself and your abilities.  This in turn will enable you to expand your practice, performance and growth exponentially. Your capacity to regulate your nervous system will be greatly enhanced, your limiting beliefs challenged, allowing you to flow through your work and your life with much more freedom and ease.

With The Voyage® training  programme, you can confidently work as a trauma-informed practitioner, guiding your clients through a journey of healing, self-discovery, and empowerment.

With an accreditation in trauma-informed practice from The Voyage®, you'll gain the skills to:

  • Expand your practice: No more turning complex clients away. The Voyage® empowers you to confidently work with a broader range of clients, providing them with the care they truly need.
  • Elevate your expertise: Charge higher fees as a skilled practitioner/coach/counsellor with specialised knowledge in trauma recovery, positioning yourself as an industry expert.
  • Create lasting change: Transform your clients' lives by addressing the root cause – trauma. Gain a deep understanding of trauma's impact and unlock the tools to help clients break free from their patterns and limitations.
  • Forge connections: Join a thriving network and community of like-minded professionals, offering referrals and collaboration opportunities to enhance your practice.

Why Join the Voyage®?

The Voyage® is your solution to common challenges:

  • Embrace trauma expertise: No more feeling out of your depth. Master tools to navigate historical events, triggers, and challenging client experiences with confidence.
  • Transform relationships: Forge deeper connections with clients and within yourself. Gain the ability to view clients, families, and communities through a compassionate lens.
  • Heal yourself: Regulate your nervous system, manage triggers, and enhance emotional resilience, ensuring you're fully equipped to support clients without being overwhelmed.
  • Connect and thrive: Join a supportive community of practitioners, providing a space to discuss challenges, seek advice, and grow together.

Break free from limitations, expand your expertise, and become a beacon of transformation for your clients. The Voyage® is your pathway to a trauma-informed world, where you can make a lasting impact and bring healing to those who need it most.




Are you a coach or counsellor who is frustrated with:

→ Not being able to help your more complex clients

→ Not understanding enough about trauma

→ Having to turn clients away you don’t feel equipped to work with

→ Previous training that’s lacked scope and depth to treat trauma

→ Clients that seem to be stuck or not progressing

→ Feeling out of your depth with not enough tools and resources

→ Struggling to contain strong emotions that come up for clients during sessions

→ Not understanding why you are getting triggered by your clients experiences

→ Lack of understanding around neuroscience and how trauma impacts the brain 

→ Not knowing enough about the how to integrate the  body and somatic system into your work

→ Feeling alone as a practitioner with lack of support and community

→ Grappling with direction or purpose for your business and practice

→ Not knowing when to refer on to another practitioner

→ Insufficient access to continued personal and professional development

Would you prefer to have:

✓ Confidence to work with any client that shows up at your door

✓ A wealth of knowledge around trauma and chronic stress

✓ A full practice with a range of clients that you get to choose to work with

✓ A complete & in-depth trauma healing framework to work with

✓ Clients that are able to move through even the most challenging stuff

✓ A full toolbox of resources giving you more assurance in your work

✓ The ability to hold and witness all parts of your client that they need to express

✓ The capacity within your own nervous system to regulate, accept and be with all of your own emotions

✓ Enough psycho-education to fully understand trauma’s impact on the brain

✓ A plethora of wisdom and exercises to safely integrate the somatic system into your work

✓ A supportive & collaborative community of like minded professionals 

✓ Clarity and clear vision of where you are going and how to get there

✓ Having access to supervision and a network of other coaches & clinicians

✓ Access to further training and guidance enabling you to thrive in all areas of your life

Don't miss your chance to join The Voyage® and embark on a journey that will positively impact your practice and life. Secure your spot and be part of the evolution in trauma recovery.

Join The Voyage today and navigate the seas of trauma with expertise, compassion, and empowerment.


Anthony Cummins

Recovery Coach

"It was really good value for money for me because it's an investment. It's an investment from the experience and the knowledge of the speakers and also to help me with my experience and to acquire more knowledge."

Your Voyage to a Trauma-Informed Future Starts Now

The Voyage is:

A CPD Certified training programme

An easy to access, self-paced, online study course

A thriving and supportive community of like-minded individuals

You will have lifetime access* to:

Over 40 hours of pre-recorded training

Learning portal with workbooks and resources 

Live session each week (Wednesdays at 6:30 pm GMT) *only accessible for 12 months

Private Facebook group 




Your Investment:


ÂŁ2497 + VAT


ÂŁ249.70 + VAT per month*

*for 10 months


I believe so strongly in this training and its content, that if you don’t feel satisfied in any way I'm prepared to offer you a money-back guarantee within 30 days of completion*.

*conditions apply. Only valid for full payment and admin fees may be incurred.




What's included:

→ 3 phases and 12 Waves of extensive learning

→ 48 pre-recorded sessions 

→ 1 Hour LIVE Session Wednesday @6:30pm UK Time

→ Workbooks, worksheets & practical resources

→ Referral opportunities as part of The Voyage® Academy network

→ Exclusive access to a private Facebook group

→ Guest workshops with other experts

→ Discounts on other trainings and masterclasses 

→ Bonus learning on building and sustaining your own practice

Please contact [email protected] for any group booking requests or if there are limited funds available.


The Voyage® is delivered to you by:

Lead Facilitator and Creator - Lou Lebentz

Lou Lebentz is the founder, lead trainer and main presenter of the programme. 

Lou is a highly respected and well-known global therapist, trauma clinician, speaker and Founder of “Trauma Thrivers” a sought-after resource including a Facebook community and podcast for those in recovery from trauma, addiction and complex PTSD.

Lou worked for over a decade at the Priory Hospital in Roehampton, after coming into addiction and trauma recovery herself. Having worked in the trauma field for well over two decades now, Lou’s mission is to create a trauma-informed world. Starting by educating those within the field and already exposed to working with people with a trauma-history. Through her own extensive experience in both rehabs and private practice, Lou has now developed her own programme of trauma-informed training that will equip people with, not just the knowledge but also the practical skills needed to work with people in a trauma-informed way.


Dufflyn Lammers

Writer / Speaker / Coach

Lou not only provided education and insight and specific tools for me to take home, but they also walk their talk.


Frequently Asked Questions




Glori Glysson

Author/Trauma Informed Yoga Practitioner/ Somatic Trauma Therapist

Lou assists us on our own voyage of self discovery. She encourages us to take a deep dive into the ocean. She teaches us about self care and provides us with a safe place in her community to explore our experience.

Steer Towards Transformation

Joining The Voyage® means more than just personal and professional growth – it's about contributing to a more trauma-informed society and world. You'll gain the insights needed to identify trauma in your clients, and the tools to guide them beyond cycles of unhelpful coping strategies. With a newfound ability to tailor your treatments and a supportive community of fellow clinicians, you'll be better equipped to navigate challenges and share the load.